Tara’s birthday was a smashing success thanks to all the cool friends we have who came out on a Tuesday night to give her a high five. The venue was, where else, the Shortstop and the pictures are below.

Charlie Dugan with the birthday girl. Yes, he’s wearing a “What would He-Man do?” t-shirt.

Monica Kenzie does not like having her photo taken.

Leslye Headland and Tarah DeSpain checking out someone’s ass.

The ass of Sean McElwee to be exact.

John Singleton and Anne Walls barely made it to the party. And into this photo.


High school sweethearts Brendan McFadden and Steve Basilone.

Leave it to Lydia Hyslop to get the dance party started.

Barry Jenkins prefers to sit it out and promote Canada. Sly plug for Medicine for Melancholy at the Toronto Film Festival perhaps?

Slim pickens on the dance floor.

Hey, I was there too.

Josh Locy hits on my girlfriend, who promptly falls asleep.

Tara, Meg Webster and George Ducker at the end of the evening.

With George and Meg being the last two friends standing, we decided to get this photo booth picture. The significance being that they play quasi-versions of Tara and I in Luke and Brie Are on a First Date, which is still done and waiting to hear from some film festivals.

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3 Responses to 27

  1. brendan says:

    that photobooth picture is kind of awesome, especially yours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lydia’s pic is my favorite.

  3. Dugan says:

    that’s a sweet ass shirt, bro

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