The camera adds ten pounds people. And hot dogs wrapped in bacon add the rest. If you didn’t get a chance to catch my brilliant insight on the E! True Hollywood Story of Heath Ledger tonight, fear not. I’m pretty sure it will air again every day for the rest of our lives.

On another note, last night I went out to a tiny downtown venue called The Smell to check out a band called Glasser. At the IFC Party during the L.A. Film Festival I met a girl named Molly, who happened to be an old co-worker of my friend George. We chatted a lot and I come to find out she’s a member of a dance troupe called Body City, which does interpretive dancing during the live sets of this band. I know the words “interpretive dance” and “friend of a friend’s band” can sound pretty lame by definition, but I really thought the show was awesome. Glasser is more or less just one female vocalist named Cameron Mesirow and she bounded around in a one piece frock that kind of looked like a giant marshmallow with holes cut out for her arms and legs. In a venue with no air conditioning, she at one point joked that it was like “wearing a theatre”. She had personality, energy and a ridiculous voice that hit piercing high notes and occasionally burst out into impromptu yelps.

Molly and her fellow dancers slinked and strutted around to the music and really were quite hypnotizing. I don’t know much about interpretive dance but if I had to judge I wouldn’t say they were amazing dancers. That’s kind of the joy in it. These aren’t professional dancers but people that have jobs and commitments but they love to dance and they found this cool group of like-minded folks and an interesting artist who lets them collaborate and it felt refreshingly innocent and irony-free. My apologies to them though if they are professional dancers, because that would make me look foolish.

They’re playing around some more on the West Coast and they are worth checking out.

Glasser Myspace
Body City

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