Cigarettes and Red Vines

In a bit of a coup, Tara and I were able to score tickets to a special event coming up at Largo. I heard about it on Cinematical and thought there was absolutely no way we could get seats, but lo and behold we did. I’m not even exactly sure what the event is, but I do know it’s a performance of plays written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. This is an excerpt from some source posted on Anderson’s unofficial website-

I just wanted to give you a little more info on pta’s project with Maya and Fred for Largo. I was at Largo this past Friday and Maya and Fred were there to give a little preview of the event. They called it “an experiment called ‘Better Heard Than Seen’” (or maybe ’scene’). It’s a series of scripted comedy sketches that are meant to be simply aural experiences–making them suitable for CDs or radio performances. The few that they performed were really hilarious (and some quite poignant).

The highlight for me was when John C. Reilly joined in for a sketch in which Fred played a man who was trying to choose whether to stay with his wife of 3 years, Penny (played by Maya), or with his lover of 3 years, Jimbo (Played by C. Reilly). I was nearly on the floor laughing so hard. I’m definitely not going to miss the full show in August.

That sketch sounds stupid, but it’s Paul Thomas Anderson we’re talking about here people. The man behind the video below, which is definitely stupid, but also inspired. The show is August 5 and I am counting down the days. . .

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