Raves and Waves

Good weekend so far. Friday night I met up with George Ducker and Josh Locy at a house party in Echo Park. The place was right next to George’s old apartment where we wrote most of Luke and Brie and auditioned many of the girls for Brie’s part so it brought back some memories walking up to that gate. We didn’t stay long because Josh was wrecked after working 24 hours in a 29 hour span and he checked out early. George and I continued on over to Greg Lang’s house where a party was supposedly going on. We get there to find out that it’s not really a party, so much as a rave. My raving experience is limited so it was cool to check one out, although I imagine a hardcore raver would be dismayed to think that this is now my impression of what a rave is like. We actually spent most of the time in another room watching TV and playing this stupid game invented on set where you combine two movie titles where the last word of one is the same as the first word of the other. An example would be The Empire Strikes Back to the Future. Believe it or not, but the game is kind of amazing when you are trying to kill time on a set and/or drunk. Some gems from Greg last night include The Man Who Knew Too Little Giants and Soul Planes Trains and Automobiles. I lay claim to The Land Before Timecop.

Then on Saturday, Tara and I took a long drive out to Leo Carillo beach, which is 25 miles north of Santa Monica. As always, the beach was great except Tara took some pictures of me shirtless and I have seriously gained 15 pounds in the last year. Not to worry though, because my soccer league begins tonight! Here’s a few pictures, including one which painfully illustrates how much I stick out at a rave.

Not exactly Where’s Waldo is it?

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