That’s some creepy photoshop there. Yesterday I tried out to be on “Deal or No Deal” and it was a typically uneventful affair. I’ve tried out for a number of game shows and it mainly involves sitting around for a good hour and a half and then doing a minute or two audition. This one was even shorter though as ten potential contestants stood around a casting agent and got thirty seconds each to explain why they are awesome enough to be on the show. I thought it would be a cinch since I could talk about growing up on a Greek island with missionary parents and a wildly diverse group of friends, but the casting person seemed unimpressed. Then some other guy talked about his parents who were both deaf and she perked up. Perhaps I’m not “Deal or No Deal” material but I could really use a shitload of money.

Tuesday night was the Paul Thomas Anderson/Maya Rudolph/Fred Armisen event at Largo. I’m not sure if the performance has a title or not but it was a really cool experience. I’m still not sure how Tara and I landed tickets since the place only seats 280 and the celebrities in attendance indicated it was probably one of the hottest tickets in town. But we were there and we were excited. The show is little more than Armisen and Rudolph reading skits and scenes from a script with minimal blocking and musical accompaniment from Jon Brion, who is a genius. Some of them were funnier than others but all fifteen or so were interesting and entertaining. Anderson has a wickedly original sense of humor and it was cool to see a unique extension of his creativity. The fact that it was a two night only performance made it even cooler but for those who didn’t get a chance to go, don’t be too bummed. The show itself isn’t mind-blowing or life-changing. It was just a solid evening of entertainment and akin to watching a really polished readthrough of some great and interesting “Saturday Night Live” sketches.

I would not be surprised if they do a show or two in New York since I imagine Rudolph and Armisen have to get back there for the start of their day jobs anyway. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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