Big Money

I was hoping to save that headline for when I won “Deal or No Deal” but who knows when or if that’ll happen? Instead, I’m gonna talk about yesterday, when I spent the bulk of the day living vicariously through people who make more money than I do. First off, my great friend Matt Goldberg told me that he had bought a new car. He had been saving for a while and decided to splurge on a new toy that also happens to be a 1958 Porsche. I don’t know much about cars but I’m pretty sure that’s a pretty fucking awesome car. After picking it up, he swung by my house and took me for a little ride. This thing was five-speed manual, seventy miles on the odometer, custom built and did 0-50 in about three seconds. Pretty ridiculous.

 That is one happy man.

Then I picked up Brendan and we went to a barbeque hosted by our friend’s Steve and Lauren, who were housesitting a phenomenal place in Beverly Hills for Lauren’s boss. I would go to a pool party at a shack because I love swimming, but it was even better to be up in the hills, with no cell phone reception, just some burgers, some dogs, some cool folks and some water guns.

Tara had to leave early to go to work but she got a few handstands in first

Put a bunch of guys in a pool and you will have yourself a game of catch.

McFadden uses his best pickup lines on the ladies in the hot tub.

Honestly, it was amazing. If I can ever afford a place with a pool, I will be hanging out there all the time. After a quick nap, I headed over to the warehouse for Greg’s 30th birthday party. Despite being old as shit, Greg still knows how to have a good time and I got to see Tarah DeSpain, which rarely happens these days. Also, this shit happened.

Got a soccer game in two hours so I’ve gotta eat a snickers bar now.

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2 Responses to Big Money

  1. Dugan says:

    Of course Goldberg bought a Porsche. Bastard.

  2. Dad says:

    You are the bomb Chad, your time is coming soon. You have the talent and the knowledge to make your impact.

    I am proud of you.

    Love Dad

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