Great news! Luke and Brie Are on a First Date will have its European premiere at the International Amsterdam Film Festival next month. If anybody has been searching for a reason to fly over to the Netherlands and get their smoke on, then why not go and see a cool little movie at the same time? The movie is part of a sidebar on New American Indpendents curated by the one and only Aaron Katz and there are some pretty awesome movies we will be sharing company with. Not sure if I myself will be able to make it over there yet but I will try my hardest. More details as I get them but in the meantime, here are some more photos from Friday night’s cast/crew screening and party courtesy of Charlie Dugan. Then there are some photos from Sunday, my birthday, when we went to a housewarming barbeque for Anne Walls and John Singleton.

Me spouting pearls of wisdom before hand.

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2 Responses to Amsterdam

  1. Sean says:

    George’s shorts should make an appearance at every party.

  2. Dugan says:

    I don’t need to see the shorts at all of the social events…they should be saved for special occasions.

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