Keegan DeWitt was in town and staying on our couch for the past few days working on a short film. I used the opportunity to steal some songs off of his iTunes that I had been sorely lacking since my last hard drive broke. More specifically, some of his older demos and the five songs by DaSwitcheddd, which was a totally ill-advised/awesome rap outfit consisting of Keegan, myself and Aaron Katz. All five songs were born out of one night with nothing to do and a mixing bay at our mercy. One other forgotten gem I found on his iTunes was something called “Funmaker”. Named after this beat up organ Aaron and Brendan found and bought at a thrift store that sat in our living room. It was rarely played except for when Aaron was writing his avant-retard masterpieces under his rock ‘n’ roll psuedonym, Aaron Ott Katz & The Crazy Experience. Unfortunately, no recordings of his songs like “The Halloween Song” and “The Sky is Crazy and Blue” exist but what does exist is an mp3 of the one time someone decided to use it for real. It was Keegan, visiting for a few days and we had a little impromptu jam session. DeWitt played the funmaker and guitar while I played the keyboard and Marc Ripper provided the harmonica. It’s totally shitty quality and not even a song really, but it’s filled with good memories for me.

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