Hamptons International Film Festival

North American audiences rejoice! Specifically those in the New York area as Luke and Brie Are on a First Date will have its U.S. premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival as part of the World Cinema Features section. This has been extremely exciting news that has been hard to keep a lid on and in fact, most of the readers of this blog are close friends and probably already know. I’ve already booked my ticket and will be spending a few nights in Brooklyn before hand and it will be my first time in the Big Apple since the Quiet City premiere last August. Can’t wait to see everyone.

Now the job is to spread the word. The film plays on Saturday the 18th at 10pm and Sunday the 19th at noon. I’d hate to play to empty seats at such an amazing event so there’s work to be done. If you want to buy tickets or see the full lineup, just check out the link below. I gotta get to work. The next phase of the film’s life has begun.

Hamptons Official Site

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