Back in the summer of 2002, I worked as a teacher at the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking Summer Session. Basically, I taught a bunch of high school kids the very basics about movies in six weeks and tried to encourage them to tell personal stories instead of jokey skits and horror rip-offs. I failed, but still had a great time and remember it fondly. A few weeks ago, Charlie Dugan dropped this little nugget in my lap, a film made by a couple of kids at the program called “Envigorade”. Sweet memories.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Envigorade!“, posted with vodpod


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One Response to Envigorade!

  1. Dugan says:

    Most impressive is your shot, you contort your body when you shoot in such a way that actually makes you look much whiter than you are. And don’t get me wrong, you’re pretty fucking white. That’s something that can’t be taught.

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