Hamptons, Day 2

Long day. I woke up at 6:30 to catch the subway to Atlantic-Pacific where I could hop onto my Long Island Railroad. Three trains and three hours later, I rolled into East Hampton. I couldn’t get to my hotel so I had to walk around town dragging my suitcase behind me and I found my way to festival headquarters. The staff was very nice and everyone asked which film was mine and when I told them, they seemed to have heard good things about it. I was also pleasantly surprised to pick up a free weekly paper on the street with a big festival preview that highlighted three films to check out including ours. Curiously, the actual review inside was mixed but I’m not complaining. In fact, I’ll reprint it-

The next review concerns a fictional piece, one that seems heck-bent on appealing to young singles who like things hip and reference-laden: the spritely and way, way talky “Luke and Brie Are on a First Date”. Directed by Chad Hartigan, it is the story of (yup) Luke (George Drucker [sic]) and Brie (Meghan Webster) out together for the first time. They are two attractive young pups, with Luke an L.A. transplant whose relaxed open-sweatshirt shyness seems to be the antithesis of Brie- a pretty but smart and cocky gal who is to Catherine Keener as a young Christian Slater was to Jack Nicholson. The two move from bar to bar to house party, discussing likes, dislikes while sizing each other up, heading toward a largely-predictable conclusion.
     It’s an interesting film for sure, as the dialogue seems completely culled from real life. The two stars are also very natural, and likeable as well, so what it boils down to is see this only if you really want to hear what these two have to say. Otherwise, the film is lovely at times but also frustrating when the camera swings from face to face in a hand-held shooting fashion. Furthermore, there are a few shots that are shot from behind hedges which could be meant to invoke a feeling that we the viewers are almost spying on these two chatterers… but then again, maybe the proper filming permits were never acquired? Either way, if you like endless conversation that’s warmed over with self-doubt and trendy topics, it’s worth a gander.

I settled into the lounge and did an awkward TV interview followed by an awkward radio interview and then I finally made my way to the hotel. True to its name, the Oceanside Beach Resort is right next to the ocean and I’m gonna chill on the beach a little tomorrow morning. I stayed roughly ten minutes before heading back to town to check out a film called Empty Nest. I really wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire after that but I couldn’t figure out the shuttle system and missed it. Just as I was getting frustrated walking around town by myself I ran into the familiar faces of Michael Tully and Jeff Deutchman. We watched Haze and then took off for dinner and drinks at a local bar. That’s the story of the day. George gets in tomorrow and I’m gonna try and figure out how to promote the movie because I learned today that I am a less than capable schmoozer.

One interesting thing to note is the 2:00pm screening I went to was absolutely packed and consisted mostly of people over 40 years old. The 7:00pm screening I went to was dead and it makes me nervous about out Saturday night show. Will anyone come and if they do, are they gonna be totally out of the target demographic? Is that a bad thing? These questions and more will be answered in time. Also, I forgot my camera in the hotel so I only have pictures from the train ride portion of the trip.

Bedstuy at 6:50am

It’s pretty beautiful up here.


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2 Responses to Hamptons, Day 2

  1. Aaron says:

    Maybe a member of your audience, when asking a question, will call you a whipersnapper.

  2. Dugan says:

    I’m sorry, I think that newspaper managed to spell George’s name wrong (apparently a major issue there in the Hamptons) and then drew a comparison between Meg and Cathrine Keener.

    Favorite description of George to date: open sweater shyness

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