Hamptons, Day 3

Day three started with George showing up at my hotel room and us hitting downtown Montauk for some breakfast at Anthony’s Pancakes. Good stuff. We rode into East Hampton on the Jitney and got George registered, then moseyed around mostly. Tried to hand out some postcards. Had free dinner and booze at the filmmaker lounge happy hour and met some nice folks with the film ’77 on the shuttle ride back. Turns out, George auditioned for that film four years ago and made it through three callbacks. Small world. We tried to see Sugar but were told that our badges and vouchers were no good for “Spotlight Films” so we settled in for ’77 instead to support our new buddies. The director said it was a work in progress, which is good because I thought it was a bit of a mess and everyone associated with it is super cool so I’m rooting for it. After that we caught The Wrestler, which was good but definitely overrated. Not sure why everyone is crapping their pants over it. By now, it was 11 and time to party. We went to a filmmaker/financier party where I guess I was expected to sweet talk rich people into funding my next film. I did not do that and instead just talked with George and Deutchman. We got interviewed for Hamptons.com, which seems useless since it hasn’t appeared on that site yet and the festival is now over. George and I made our way back to headquarters to catch the 2am bus back to Montauk (the last of the night) but got there at 1:45 and were told it had already left. Thankfully, some good samaritan festival volunteers gave us a ride back on the condition we let this other stranded filmmaker sleep on our floor. Turned out to be Benh Zeitlin, who I had read all about after he was involved in a terrible car accident on the way to Austin for his film’s premiere at South by Southwest. I can report he is fine now and a cool dude.

The Oceanside Beach Resort in Montauk. From the back.

The ocean it sits beside.

George and this French guy got into a big discussion about Greek mythology or something at the filmmaker party.

Deutchman works the room.

Our good samaritans. Big ups to all the volunteers and staff at the festival.

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