Hamptons, Day 4

We woke up on day four to find Benh already gone and a neatly folded blanket the only sign he was ever there. George and I rode the Jitney into East Hampton and met up with Chad Richardson and Mike Muldoon, who had driven up from Brooklyn for our screening. George then left us to go meet his friend Phoebe at the train station who was also jetting in for the movie, only all the way from D.C. Chad, Mike and I ate lunch at the Rowdy Grill and then all five of us went back to the hotel to regroup. It was also a good time to hit the beach for a photo shoot. Back in East Hampton, we haggled with the lady at the box office until we got tickets to see Sugar, which wound up being a major coup since it’s the best movie I’ve seen all year. Genius movie, and I say that as someone who doesn’t like baseball or even Half Nelson all that much. After that, we met up with the very cool Lily Singer and had some pizza slices and a round of beers before breezing through the filmmakers party at Lily Pond. Somehow, we managed to park right next to an enormous dead raccoon and Mike had to pick it up and sling it around. Why? I don’t know but it was grotesquely hilarious. The party seemed fun but we had to leave in order to introduce the 10:00pm and world premiere screening of Luke and Brie Are on a First Date. We had already discovered that the Hamptons caters to an older crowd so 10pm is kind of like midnight and we eventually started late since the Q&A for Synechdoche, New York ran over. Still, around 60 kind souls braved the cold and waited in line for our little movie and I skipped over a real introduction in lieu of just taking a quick photo of the crowd. The movie played and I was surprisingly calm about it. Even when about ten minutes of the movie drifted two or three frames out of synch and even when 10 or so people walked out during various points. I loved seeing it on the big screen, where it never looked better I might add. I hoped this moment would come and it did. George and I went up for a Q&A after but only 20 people or say had stayed to listen and only two of those asked a question. Nobody came up to us afterward. Not exactly ideal, but I still had an overall feeling of accomplishment. We went back to the party and helped close it down. The next day’s screening was sold out and promise was in the air.

Rowdy Grill mussels.

Chad Richardson and Mike Muldoon. A couple of movie stars.

John Gaviglio’s van was a godsend.

Sugar producer Jamie Patricof and actors Algenis Perez Soto and Rayniel Rufino

Nervously awaiting the screening

The public chomping at the bit to get in

The public shortly before chomping at the bit to get out

Muldoon and the raccoon, which was apparently bleeding out of his ass. If anyone from PETA wants to yell at Mike, I have his e-mail.

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One Response to Hamptons, Day 4

  1. Dugan says:

    The photo series on the beach is really great. The dead raccoon is gross.

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