Hamptons, Day 5

The final day of the festival started with Chad, Mike and I eating another delicious breakfast at Anthony’s pancakes before they dropped me off at the theater and headed back to Brooklyn. Night shifts at the Maritime Hotel and the Waverly Restaurant beckoned for them while a sold out afternoon screening of Luke and Brie Are on a First Date beckoned me. I once again gave a short intro and took a picture of the crowd, opting not to warn them of the minor synch issues since why give them a fault to look for when some might not notice in the first place. Turns out, that was a wise decision because there was no synch issues in this screening, leaving me scratching my head as to what could have happened the night before but this was the same tape, albeit in a different theater and different deck. Twenty people or so walked out at various points during the movie, which again, I was surprisingly cool with. A film like this isn’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but I do think it rewards the people that stick with it. I hope it does at least. George and I shared the stage with Will Frears (who directed a cool short that preceded our movie both times) for the Q&A, which was way better this time as people seemed to actually care about what we had to say. A few folks came up to us afterwards with kind words as well so it was a great feeling all around. We headed to a quick filmmaker gathering for some free food and booze but had to leave early and catch the Long Island Rail Road back to Brooklyn. The trip was over.

I had a great time at the festival and the staff was amazing. I felt good about our screenings in the end and although I wished our target demographic would have been represented better in the audience, I very much appreciated hearing thoughts from everyone that did bother with our film. It’s a small little number but I no longer feel intimidated about playing with the big boys and I came away from the weekend thinking that the sky really is the limit, both for me and the film. Mar Del Plata is next, in two weeks and I’m still trying to find a way to get there.

P.S. George found the first review of the film online and even though it’s not entirely positive and barely a snippet, I got pretty excited about it. It’s from the Huffington Post and you can read it right here.

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