Mar Del Plata

The 23rd edition of the Festival Internacional de Cine Mar Del Plata has officially announced their lineup and I’m very proud to say that Luke and Brie Are on a First Date has been included. Held in Argentina, it’s one of only twelve competitive festivals worldwide deemed Class “A” by the FIAPF, along with Cannes, Berlin, Venice and others. In other words, it’s a pretty dope festival and will be a great place to play. I’m very curious to hear what the reception is like from a South American audience but unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend myself. Instead, I’ll have to hear back from Aaron Katz and Barry Jenkins, who are both going for their brilliant films Dance Party, USA and Medicine for Melancholy. That’s right, Argentina gets to double dip on Hartigan, with my supporting performance in Katz’s first film also on display. The lineup on the whole is pretty impressive so check out the official site for all the goods. Once again, our write-up in the program is totally flattering and a better synopsis than I could have ever thought of. The link to that is right here.

If you live in Argentina, check us out. Who knows when we’ll be back that way again? Also, check out this postcard I made for our first three festival visits. More to come soon, I hope.

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3 Responses to Mar Del Plata

  1. Matt J says:

    Awesome man, congrats once again. Argentina is gonna overdose on Chad haha.

    DPUSA is still playing festivals?? Wow

  2. javier says:

    I saw the movie at Mar del plata festival, its so good !!! Congratulations, i love it.
    big huggy !!!

  3. Luis diaz says:

    hey, isaw the film, and i ca´t stop talking, thinking, speaking others about this marvelous!!
    it´s one of my favourite movies.
    it was the best movie i saw in the festival with some others of the same section that saved the Festival.
    i love it.
    now, i´m finishing my first movie “Hoy” (TODAY).
    you could enter in my blog ( and see some trailers.
    sure i´m going to write something about Luke and Brie.
    congratulations people!!
    i could see this movie, and you made me a happy happy people!!
    i saw quiet city via internet and love it
    sorry for my english.
    take care (like always said Mike Ott, another great director i met last year with analog days and this year with two short movies)

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