I hope everybody had a fun Halloween. Mine was deliberately low-key with Tara working both Friday and Saturday night. I went to one party and had a moment on the dancefloor when the idea of a bunch of grown people dressed up in silly costumes dancing around this house in Hollywood seemed really, really odd. Some might say that’s the beauty of it, but for whatever reason it only felt odd in that moment. Then, this morning I saw this picture of “The Today Show”-

I’m kind of looking forward to transitioning into the types of Halloween’s where you get to drag your kids around to the neighbors and get a bunch of candy and take thousands of pictures. That seems fun.

Here are some pictures of Halloween ’08

Tara was a dead ballerina…

…stabbed in the back by her understudy.

My half-hearted attempt at a Chris Martin costume.

Hercule Poirot

Secret Service agent.  Looks like risky business

Johnny Appleseed

A stewardess from the 60’s

A heart attack

A face

Some douchebag from 1994

Some douchebag from 1968

Some douchebags from Speed Racer

Now that’s risky business!

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