I’ve been basking in a post-election glow since Tuesday night and haven’t done much of anything but work, sleep and make mix cd’s. The only taint on an otherwise amazing election was hearing that Proposition 8 passed here in California, banning same-sex marriage. I can’t believe this is still an issue, nor can I think of a single person who gains anything from this vote that sees millions lose a simple, beautiful right. It’s totally shameful and will one day be looked upon as the farce that it is. To that end, there was a massive protest march in my neighborhood last night that saw 13,000 people come out to voice similar frustration, and I went down to participate. I’ve never done anything like it and was pretty amazed at the power of it. After that, I skipped over to the Drawing Room for Charlie Dugan’s birthday. That guy is old.

Happy birthday.

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