I brought my camera to the screening of Luke and Brie at the Zero Film Festival on Saturday night but it was out of batteries so I’ve got nothing to show for it. Which is a shame because the event and the night were fantastic. Even though most of the cast and crew had already seen it on the big screen, we still got a few dedicated souls to check it out again and they were joined by a bunch of people I don’t know so that was great. All in all, I’d say we must have had 120-150 people there and they really seemed to enjoy the movie. It’s always best to play to a big crowd but twentysomethings in Los Angeles has to be the ideal audience for this movie. It was all really great and thanks to Rich and everybody who put on the Zero Film Festival. For an inaugural event, it was really impressive, especially the Downtown Indpendent theater, which was totally cool and will hopefully play lots of movies I want to see in the future because I’d love to frequent that joint. It was the first time I got to do a Q&A with Meg and George together, but as usual, it was mostly just awkward for us and the crowd and it was pretty brief and pointless.

Afterwards, I talked to some fellow filmmakers and heard that midweek attendance to screenings was pretty grim so I felt really lucky to have that primo Saturday evening slot. We went to Bar 107 and got hammered and danced and felt like important people. It’s stupid but seeing the movie with people is extremely rewarding and makes everything worthwhile. Actually, it’s not stupid. If you came out and watched it, thanks. Leave me some anonymous comments and tell me what you really thought.

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