SXSW, Lake County

The official South by Southwest lineup was unveiled yesterday and I have to say congratulations to two good friends who made the cut. Surprise surprise, Joe Swanberg will be debuting his latest film, Alexander the Last, which is revolutionizing a new way of distribution that you can read about here. Also, Zach Clark will be world premiering his new movie Modern Love is Automatic in the Emerging Visions section. I saw a rough cut a while back and can tell you now that you haven’t seen anything like it so prepare yourself. Also, Luke and Brie Are on a First Date co-star Lydia Hyslop is in it so that alone is worth the price of admission.

Speaking of Luke and Brie, we’ll be heading out to Mississippi on Wednesday and I’m stoked about that. I’d also like to announce that we’ll be playing at the Lake County Film Festival in the first week of March. It’s a small affair just outside of Chicago and so if you live anywhere around there, come check us out. More details to come obviously and I’ll be posting daily updates from our trip this week.

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