On Wednesday, I got up real early to catch a flight to Nashville with George Ducker and Tara Everhart. Our ultimate destination was the Oxford Film Festival in Mississippi but we were taking a long way there in order to meet up with Keegan DeWitt and make a road trip out of it. Sean McElwee was heading there too but on a different flight. Ours showed Beverly Hills Chihuahua so even though he had a layover, maybe he made the right call.

Keegan picked us up and we all went over to Skip and Timshel Matheny’s house for a delicious home cooked meal. Their kids Jude and Ambrose provided the pre-meal entertainment and all our hearts and faces were promptly melted. After that it was back to Keegan’s for some ping pong and an impromptu jam session. Keegan’s roommates Logan Matheny and Bryan Cates are both great people and great musicians so it was a fun time. Then- bed.

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