Oxford, Day 1

The Oxford Film Festival officially kicked off on Thursday but we spent the day hanging out in Nashville. It all started at Arnold’s, voted “Best Meat and 3” by somebody and they were right. The country fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and mac and cheese I got were all killer. A little lounging, a little FIFA on Xbox and some bowling at a near empty alley filled out the afternoon and then we went to Baja Burrito for dinner. That place also owned.

That night, we strolled around Broadway Ave. and hit up a few honky tonks taking in the authentic sights and sounds but the real main course was for the late night; Roman Candle played a show at the Basement and we all had front row seats to getting our socks rocked off. I have seen them live a number of times but this was my first chance seeing their new stuff performed and it didn’t disappoint. Do yourself an enormous favor and check them out during their upcoming Spring tour and the new album, “Oh Tall Tree in the Ear” drops in May. Even though the show ended at 1 a.m., we immediately hit the road for the four and a half hour drive. Coffee, sunflower seeds and the music of the 60’s pulled us through.

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