Oxford, Day 2

We finally arrived in Oxford at 5:50 a.m. on Friday morning. All five of us piled into a room at the Holiday Inn Express and hit the hay. George, Keegan and I got up at 11 to make it over to Town Square for a filmmakers luncheon. Sean and Tara slept like bums. I’m terrible at meeting people and networking so the luncheon consisted of George, Keegan and I sitting at our own table and waiting for people to come to us. One dude did, Eric Snider and he told us about some drama involving Jeff Wells, who sounds like a douchebag. No point in going into that here. The luncheon was a bit too fancy for our tastes since we were starving so we dipped out and ate at Square Pizza. We were later told this place sucks. And it does. George then went off to hang with his local friends and the rest of us saw School Play. I went because the synopsis sounded eerily similar to a documentary I made in college and was curious to see another filmmaker’s approach to the subject. They weren’t there and attendance was slight but we all thought the movie was great. Really great.

We tried to see Prom Night in Mississippi but it was sold out like crazy so we met up with George and his cool friends Erin and Sean. They took us to Taylor Grocery for dinner, which is some famous catfish joint a few miles outside of Oxford. It took forever to get in and get our food but it was pretty damn good. After that we headed over to the evening’s party at some warehouse. Again, I didn’t really approach anyone for chit chat but did talk to Eric Snider some more and some other fine folks from Cinematical. Tara passed out a few postcards and I did the same but our self-promotion was severly limited and if nobody showed up to our screening it would be our own fault. There was also this official photographer walking around documenting the event but he always passed by us without taking any pictures. Total snubbery. We decided that if he wasn’t going to take our photo then we would take his, and tried to sneak ourselves into them. He caught on.

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