Oxford, Day 3

Saturday. George woke up early and went on a tour of Faulkner’s house with his friends and some other festival-goers. Keegan got up early to take his car to the shop and find out his serpentine belt would most likely break on our drive home and there was nobody in town that could replace it. I slept in. We ate lunch at Applebees since it was walking distance from our hotel and then headed over to the theater for our 2:30pm screening of Luke and Brie Are on a First Date. To my pleasant surprise, we had a good crowd of about 70-80 people. For some reason the movie played with a mono track of sound instead of stereo so it was a bit rough in some patches, but otherwise pretty enjoyable. One older couple right behind us walked out after 45 minutes or so but no mass exodus. The q&a afterward was a little grim but they almost always are. A few people came up to us afterward and said they liked it so that’s all we can hope for.

Afterward, we all went to the town square to get ice cream and hang out. Dinner at Ajax was amazing and then back to the theater for Ballast. Keegan and George opted to see He’s Just Not That Into You instead and they proceeded to spend the entire rest of the trip discussing the best parts. Ballast was really good but not quite as amazing as I had anticipated it to be. My top 10 from 2008 remains unchanged. When that let out, we headed back to the square for the awards ceremony where we picked up zero trophies. There was an official afterparty but we skipped out and went to a dive bar around the corner and played darts and connect 4. Before bed we all said our prayers that Keegan’s car wouldn’t die in the middle of nowhere on the way home tomorrow.

When we got back to the hotel late at night, Sean had the munchies for some Lays potato chips. He put in his dollar but the bag got stuck before coming down. He put in another dollar and the one behind it got stuck too. Two dollars. No chips.

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