Oxford, Day 4

With no more screenings and no awards, our time in Oxford was at an end. We had lunch at Waffle House (amazing) and started the long drive back to Nashville. Keegan didn’t want to push the serpentine belt so we drove 60 the whole way on cruise control, much to the chagrin of a lot of dickheads on the road. It took about five hours but we made it back after stopping for souvenirs at Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen. For some reason, there’s a giant plastic buffalo in front of the store overlooking the highway. It also has glowing red eyes.

That night we got pizza and watched the Grammys, which was fun even though most performances were awful. One more trip to the 3 Crows bar and then to bed. The next day we’d hop our flights back to Los Angeles and our day jobs. It’s nice to get away and see some films and share ours with new people. Hopefully there’s one or two more festivals in our future before we lay this puppy to rest.

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One Response to Oxford, Day 4

  1. Sean says:

    Tara is TOTALLY staring at my penis.

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