Funny People

Check out the trailer for Judd Apatow’s new movie Funny People

I’ll tell you something I’m not a fan of- Judd Apatow’s movies. This one looks like the worst of the bunch. Worse looking than Spanglish, which was unbearable.

Here’s what I am a fan of- Aziz Ansari. The young stand up comedian plays a young stand up comedian named Randy in the movie and he’s not in the trailer at all. But, Apatow made his cast do a couple of real life stand up performances in character to get a taste of what that’s like (mostly for Sandler and Rogen’s benefit and not actual stand up comedians in the supporting cast). Regardless, somebody filmed Ansari performing in character earlier this year and it is mind-blowing. Watch it and hang on to your socks.

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2 Responses to Funny People

  1. birdsaresmart says:

    Totally amazing. I love Aziz Ansari. Here’s one of my favorite things he’s done.

  2. birdsaresmart says:

    That didn’t work.

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