Zero at the Yost

On Saturday night, the Zero Film Festival hosted a special screening of Luke and Brie Are on a First Date at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. I hadn’t been to Orange County in a long time and George and Meg were champions enough to tag along. Matt Boese was going to meet us there and serve as a bit of a guide since he’s an O.C. boy. We left at five and I had scoffed at George’s suggestion that there would be traffic even on a Saturday. I had to eat my scoff as we sat on the 5 puttering along but we got there with enough time to spare to grab a bite at a place called Memphis, which was Boese approved.

We actually thought we had more time than we did because the shorts programmed played after our movie instead of before. As a result, we walked in a few moments after it started to a crowd of maybe 30-40 people. The venue was cool, but set up for music rather than films and the acoustics were doing a number on our sound. The rough parts sounded more rough but the good parts actually sounded the best I’ve heard so you win some you lose some. The crowd seemed to dig it, although towards the end people started filing in in anticipation of the bands playing next and were chatting it up at the back of the theater. I don’t know how distracting it was to someone trying to pay attention who doesn’t know the movie line for line but what are you gonna do? My friend Heather, whom I’ve known since high school drove down from North Hollywood with her boyfriend and another dude and so they are amazing for that. They had kind words to say after when we went back to Memphis for a drink. Seriously, downtown Santa Ana was aesthetically pretty pleasing but would it kill them to have one bar down there?

Haven’t heard how our shows in Illinois went this weekend but hopefully they were sold out and received ten minute standing ovations. Got word this week of another festival coming up in April so I’ll write more about that soon. For now- pictures…

We got things started with a little shot of Jameson.

The dope Yost Theater.

Inadvertently snapped a picture of the movie when it was me on screen. Ego maniac I know.

Vauxhall Broadcast keeps the party moving.

Me, George and Heather.

Heather and her bf.

These two.

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