As it Stands

A distinct lack of blogging on my end has led to some introspection. What have I been doing with my life lately? I wish the answer was “Plenty!”, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. One thing I have done, is join twitter. So if you’re on there and want more updates on my existence, check me out.

As for Luke and Brie Are on a First Date, well, that movie still exists. We signed a deal with Cinetic Rights Management, who found us digital distribution through Amazon Video on Demand, but a glitch in the output has caused a rather lengthy delay in getting that available to the public. It’s been frustrating but hopefully that will be resolved very soon. In the meantime, a DVD of the movie is also for sale on Amazon if you’re into that sort of thing. We have one more festival screening coming up that I know of and I’ll mention that again when the time comes. It’s been a nice ride for that movie.

I’m ready to move on though and I’m working now on making This is Martin Bonner my next film. That’s a working title that made more sense when the film was just an idea but now that it’s a script, something better must be found. I had a meeting with an actor that I wrote a major part for and he’s interested so that’s one hurdle already crossed. Now if we can get some funding, we’ll really be somewhere. I’m aiming for a late March 2010 shoot so the countdown has begun.  Here’s a video with a clue as to what you can expect.

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One Response to As it Stands

  1. benhicks says:

    How can I see Luke and Brie? Tell George I say “whut up” and good luck on your next film.


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