Vincent Gallo/Coldplay

Those two things don’t really have much in common, except this post, which finally brought me back to the world of blogging. Over at David Lowery’s blog, I saw a quote from Vincent Gallo regarding The Brown Bunny, which I thought was terrific enough to share.

“What, what exactly do I get out of making these films? I mean, I don’t make any money, I give up three years of my life on each one, I make a lot of enemies because I’m bossy and pushy and crotchety, and I get old and crabby and my back and my neck and everything hurts now, and I didn’t go on any dates. What do I get, this weird satisfaction that I was able to put something in the world that now exists that most people don’t like anyway? I don’t know, this is just a sick in the head move. But at the time it seemed like the most important thing.”

I don’t mean to imply that I feel the same way or that I can compare to Vincent Gallo in any way, but I’m certainly appreciative of his sacrifices so I could see his work.

I also wanted to link to the new Coldplay video, “Strawberry Swing”. I hardly ever see videos any more and if there are many more like this then I am missing out on some beautiful creations.

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