Jeffrey Ruggles

What’s up blogosphere? It’s been a long time. I have to say that blogging doesn’t hold the appeal it used to and I’m not sure how often I’ll check in with this wordpress jam. Instead, I twitter occasionally and started a Photo a Day project on tumblr so my presence on the internet is still alive and well. I’m breaking my silence to talk about a dude named Jeffrey W. Ruggles. Years back when I started work as the Office P.A. for a reality TV production company called Rocket Science Laboratories, Ruggles was the guy that trained me. He had previously held the position but was now promoted to logger and he spent 15 minutes telling me which coffees needed to be refilled and where to take the trash out to. I quit that job less than two months later and didn’t see Ruggles again until he showed up for the Zero Film Festival screening of Luke and Brie Are on a First Date. We found ourselves to have mutual appreciations for certain types of film and mutual ambitions in that world. He gave me a copy of his film, Bicycle Lane and I was very happy and relieved to find that it was totally great.

Now we are becoming fast friends and even collaborators. Ruggles has come on board as a producer for This is Martin Bonner and we are trying to get pre-production on that sucker moving along. He also celebrated the first Los Angeles screening of Bicycle Lane last week and his birthday a few days later so it’s been a Ruggles-centric month for me so far. Which is totally cool. Have a peek at the pictures below and become a friend to Bicycle Lane on facebook so you can find out if it’ll ever play near you.


The lovely Anne Walls.

George Ducker and John Singleton mingle.

Josh Locy may tell you he got in a brutal fight, but he actually got poked in the eye playing basketball. Rec basketball at that.

Don Black, the star of the movie works the crowd like he’s George Clooney or something.

Space 15Twenty- the only place where you can eat a chicken sandwich and watch indie film at the same time. Also, those are Josh’s custom made slippers from Colombia.

“Yeah, yeah, I made this movie and it’s awesome. What of it? Any questions?”

Ruggles and I after party it up at the after party.

Ruggles’s birthday involved boiling crawfish alive and then sucking out their brains. George obliged, I did not.

This man is 30.

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2 Responses to Jeffrey Ruggles

  1. RUGGLES says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I shouldn’t be 30! Fucking terrible!

  2. Dugan says:

    He doesn’t look a day over 29.

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